Brenham Pallasite Meteorites

Over 4 tons of this meteorite have been found since 1882. A large portion of this pallasite was found near a depression called the Haviland crater while other large pieces have been found over a kilometer away. Original pieces have even been discovered as far away as the Turner Mounds and Hopewell Mounds of Ohio. This meteorite was also used in trade by Native Americans due to Fe-Ni composite, thus, other pieces of this specimen have been gathered from across much of the eastern USA.

Found in Kiowa County, many of the Brenham masses lack the peridot crystals while others have the same Thomson Structures seen in many pallasites. When cut and polished, the stony-iron composite is clear and beautifully visible.

Find/Fall Find - 1882
Location Found: Kansas, United States
Class: Pallasite, PMG-an
Total Weight: 4.3 Tons (8,600lbs)