Canyon Diablo Meteorite 364g

Canyon Diablo Meteorite 364g

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Estimated to have hit Earth almost 50,000 years ago, this meteorite is classified as an iron meteorite. Fragments of this meteorite have been collected since the mid 1800s and there is evidence that pieces were even collected and used by Native Americans. The largest fragment of this meteorite (Holsinger Meteorite – 639kg) is on display at the Crater Visitor Center along the rim of the actual crater.

The Canyon Diablo meteorite has more than a dozen identifiable minerals within its mostly iron composition. The troilite mineral inside which consists of iron sulfide has a very significant use in geological dating by means of Pb-Pb isochrons. This troilite contains the lowest lead rations ever measured and has become the reference standard today’s lead dating methods.

Find/Fall Find - 1891
Location Arizona, USA
Class: Iron, IAB-MG
Total Weight: 30 Tons (60,000lbs)

*The Canyon Diablo specimens with catalog numbers starting with 'K1' were acquired from the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico*