Henbury Iron Meteorite 8.6g

Henbury Iron Meteorite 8.6g

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In 1931, a cluster of craters at Henbury Cattle Station, south of Alice springs in central Australia was one the first places on our planet where impact structures could definitely be linked with iron objects falling to Earth. It’s also the first place where radial rays like ones seen on the moon were observed which makes it one of the primary sites associated with the infancy of the science of meteoritics.

Containing nearly 13 impact craters, this meteorite, was torn up in the atmosphere. It had such force that many specimens are twisted and burned showing a shiny, dark brown to black patina. Many of the masses have also formed a “desert varnish” which onlyoccurs in very arid environments. The Henbury meteorite is a very sought-after piece due to the incursions and beautiful formations that occurred from being ripped apart.

Find/Fall Find - 1931
Location Found: Henbury, Norther Territory, Australia
Class: Iron Meteorite, IIIAB – Med. Octahedrite
Total Weight: 2 Tons (5,600lbs)

Individual specimen.