Agoudal Iron Meteorites

High in the Atlas Mountains in the Agoudal area of Morocco, two small pieces of this meteorite were collected back in 2000 and sold to tourists. In September of 2011 a piece was sold to a dealer in Errich who recognized it as an actual meteorite. The total known weight of this meteorite is 100kg though, today there might be as much as 500kg in circulation. Most specimens are angular in shape and “shrapnel-like” in size. Smaller pieces have rounded bodies that fell separately and have fusion crust of their own. Etched slices show kamacite grains with curved boundaries while others show Neumann bands with some troilite nodules present.

Find/Fall Find - 2000
Location: Meknès-Tafilalet, Morocco
Class: Iron, IIAB
Total Weight: 100kg (220.462lbs)