Mount Padbury Meteorites

Consisting of both large pieces as well as fragments, this meteorite was found while herding sheep in 1964. It was soon recognized as a rather unusual mesosiderite. In volumetric terms, this rock is composed of predominantly of texturally and compositionally diverse silicates. Orthopyroxenes and lesser amounts of plagioclase are the most prominent substances which make up most individual crystals as well as the finer grain matrix. Unusual olivine crystals enclosed by pyroxene-chromite rich coronas are also seen. Iron-nickel accounts for a little more than have of the mass of this meteorite and is scattered as nodules throughout the silicate regions. The Mount Padbury meteorite is one of 7 specimens classified as a Mesosdiderite-A1.

 Find/Fall Find - 1964
Location Found: Western Australia, Australia
Class: Mesosiderite-A1
Total Weight: 272kg (599.657lbs)