Muonionalusta Iron Meteorites

Muonionalusta meteroites have been found in a 25x25km area just north of the Pajala district, Sweden. Specimens have been found with metal detectors, scattered throughout the area since 1906 at depths down as far as 4m. Etched slices show an exquisite Widmanstatten pattern with somewhat long and straight kamacite lamellae. Due to the discovery of stishovite in a more modern find, it can be concluded that this meteorite experienced a very strong pressure event at some point during its entry into Earth’s atmosphere. It’s been accepted that this meteorite broke up in the atmosphere before falling to Earth during the Pleistocene era.

Find/Fall Find - 1906
Location Found: Norrbottens, Sweden
Class: Iron, Iron, IVA
Total Weight: 230kg (507.063lbs)