NWA 12269 (Paired) Mars Meteorite

Purchased in Ouarzazte, Morocco by Mohamed Aid in July of 2018, this meteorite is lightly weathered from exposure to the sun. It is grey in color and bear of all olivine crystals. Similar to all other Martian meteorites, NWA 12269 has heavy shock damage from being ejected from its planet of origin by a massive impact from a comet or asteroid. This rock is relatively fine grained with an intersertal texture or has small glasslike pieces between larger crystals. Meteorite is composed of mainly zoned clinopyroxene (crystalized pyroxene) and maskelynite (glass like material).

NWA 12269 was officially classified in 2018 and has a relatively low weathering grade from exposure to the sun here on earth. You can find the pieces here are moderately polished on one side using a 600 grit and the opposite side has been ground down further then highly polished.

Find/Fall Find - 2018
Location Found: Northwest Africa
Class: Martian (shergottite, fine-intersertal)
Total Weight: 1679g (3.701561lbs)