Mars Shergottite Meteorite 1.06g

Mars Shergottite Meteorite 1.06g

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Bought in June, 2012 by Darryl Pitt and David Gheesling from a dealer in Zagora, Morocco, this meteorite is highly shocked like most Martian meteorites. It was found partially covered in a fusion crust and has large internal ovoid crystals within a finer grain matrix. The documented petrography of this rock shows that large oikocrysts of low-Ca pyroxene enclose multiple chadacrysts of olivine and Cr-rich chromite. The olivine contains sparse melt incursions composed of K-Ns-Al-Si-rich glass which is surrounded by microfractures due to post-shock radial expansion.

Later finds were classified and paired to NWA-7379 such as NWA-7387, NWA-7755, NWA-7937, and NWA-8161. The fragments and/or slices pictured here have not been classified and would be a waste of time to send for classification due to the lab duplicating data which is already readily.

Find/Fall Find - 2012
Location Found: Northwest Africa
Class: Martian (shergottite)
Total Original Weight: 2.13kg (4.695846lbs)

Total Weight to date: ~5kg (~11.0231lbs)