Sericho Pallasite Meteorite 26.9g

Sericho Pallasite Meteorite 26.9g

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In 2016, two brother were searching for their camels west of the village of Habaswein and south of Sericho, Kenya, when they stumbled across several large stones. Since this is an area lacking stone and rock structures, they concluded that they were meteorites. Though their official “discovery” was in 2016, they were known by herders and nomads for decades. One of the village elders even said that when he was young, him and his brothers would occasionally play on the stones 

In 2017, Michael Farmer received an email showing a photo stating “Giant Pallasite” which weighted 107kg. He travelled to Nairobi to purchase this stone and later returned to Kenya before traveling to Habaswein where he was show more than a ton of specimens stacked in the courtyard of multiple compounds. To date, more than 2,800kg of this giant meteorite has been located.

Smaller pieces show evidence of having been ripped apart by the dense atmosphere of Earth upon entry while others still have remnants of the fusion crust. When cut and etched, the well-known Thomson Structures are clearly visible displaying many colors from deep greens to orange which you can see displayed here.

Find/Fall Find - 2016
Location Found: Eastern Kenya
Class: Pallasite 
Total Weight: 2.8 Tons (5,600lbs)